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If you would like to support the site, simply choose a support option below.

Supporting the site is completely voluntary and not required. Support is available to all users, regardless of registration status. However, registered users who support the site will receive an unlimited support badge regardless of the amount they contribute.

The support badge currently does not come with any additional privileges, but we may come up with something in the future depending on available time.

Buy me a coffee

You can send as many coffees as you like. There are two ways to send coffee: credit card payment or Google pay.

To get started, click the 'Buy me a coffee' button.

If you want to be credited for your support, be sure to include your name in the 'Say something nice' field and send us a private message if possible.

Crediting is manual, but is usually completed within a few hours.

PayPal/Bank Card Payment

You can support the site securely and conveniently with PayPal/Bank Card payment. Click the 'Donate' button and select an amount to support the site.

Bank Transfer

If you would like to support the site via bank transfer, please use the following information:
Hungarian (GIRO) account number: 10403394-86768648-52801010
Reference: Support 0
IBAN: HU38 1040 3394 8676 8648 5280 1010
Address: H-1095, Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 9.